AMSR-E Land Parameters

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This global database contains a satellite passive microwave remote sensing based land parameter retrievals generated from the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer on EOS Aqua (AMSR-E), with funding from the NASA. The daily land parameter retrievals extend from 2002 and include daily air temperature minima and maxima (ta; ~2 m height), fractional cover of open water on land (fw), vegetation canopy microwave transmittance (tc), surface soil moisture (mv; ≤ 2 cm soil depth) and integrated water vapor content of the intervening atmosphere (V; total column). The global retrievals are derived over land for non-precipitating, non-snow, and non-ice covered conditions. The primary inputs for these retrievals are daily AMSR-E dual polarized multi-frequency, ascending and descending overpass brightness temperature (Tb) data (version 3). The AMSR-E brightness temperature data were obtained in global 25-km EASE grid format from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). The resulting land parameter data are internally consistent and are being used for a range of global ecological and hydrological studies, including vegetation biomass and phenology mapping, soil moisture and surface water and energy balance studies. These data are archived at both NTSG and NSIDC.




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Jones, M.O., J.S. Kimball, K.C. McDonald, and L.A. Jones, 2010. Utilizing satellite passive microwave remote sensing for monitoring global land surface phenology. Remote Sensing of Environment (in press).

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