Jennifer Watts

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PhD Research


Doctor of Philosophy
PhD, Systems Ecology (In Progress)
Master's Degree
MS, 2008, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences-Land Rehabilitation, Montana State University
Undergraduate Degree
BS, 2006, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Montana State University



I am studying carbon cycle dynamics and the impact of changing surface hydrology in Arctic-Boreal regions under Dr. John Kimball. My research interests include the design and implementation of a methane emissions component to complement an existing satellite based terrestrial carbon flux (TCF) model for Arctic-Boreal systems, using information from eddy covariance to improve carbon emission models, and developing a better understanding of the biogeophysical controls behind terrestrial methane emissions in northern landscapes. Prior to joining NTSG, I completed my Master’s and undergraduate degrees in Land Resources and Environmental Sciences at Montana State University, with emphasis in satellite image analysis, GIS, GPS, pedology, and land/soil rehabilitation. My Master’s work involved developing a satellite remote sensing based validation and monitoring plan for carbon credit programs in Montana, combining object-oriented and multi-temporal image analyses with a random forest classifier. When not in the office, I am usually somewhere in the mountains – backpacking, skiing, or mountain biking.


Carbon Cycles (CO2, CH4)
Satellite-based Monitoring of Terrestrial Surfaces
Arctic-Boreal Ecosystems
Passive Microwave Remote Sensing
Surface Hydrology; Flooding; Inundation
Permafrost Regions


NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellowship (2003-2015)
PEO International Scholar Award (2015)
AmeriFlux Training Award (2015)