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Doctor of Philosophy
PhD, 1979, Forest Ecophysiology, Colorado State University
Master's Degree
MS, 1973, Forest Management, Oregon State University
Undergraduate Degree
BS, 1972, Botany, Oregon State University



2007-current Regents Professor, University of Montana
2008 Visiting Professor, Universitat de Bodenkultur, Vienna, Austria
1988-current Professor, Forest Ecology, College of Forestry & Conservation, University of Montana
2005 Visiting Professor, University of Firenze, Florence, Italy
2003 Professor, Visiting McMaster Fellow, CSIRO Land and Water, Canberra, ACT Australia
1993 Visiting Sabbatical Scientist, Dept of Plant Ecology, Lund University, Sweden
1986‑87 Visiting Sabbatical Scientist, CSIRO Division of Forest Research, Canberra, Australia
1983‑1988 Associate Professor, Forest Ecophysiology, School of Forestry, University of Montana
1979‑1983 Assistant Professor, Forest Ecophysiology, School of Forestry, University of Montana
1979 Senior Research Associate, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University
1976-1979 Research Forester, Forest and Mtn Meteorology Project, Rocky Mtn Forest and Range Experiment Station, Fort Collins, Colorado
1976‑1979 Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Forest and Wood Sciences, Colorado State University
1974‑1976 Research Assistant, Coniferous Forest Biome, Oregon State University
1973‑1974 Forest Ecologist, Environmental Associates Inc., Corvallis, Oregon


Steven W. Running received a Ph.D. (1979) in Forest Ecology from Colorado State University. He has been with the University of Montana, Missoula since 1979, where he is a University Regents Professor of Ecology. His primary research interest is the development of global and regional ecosystem biogeochemical models integrating remote sensing with bioclimatology and terrestrial ecology. He is a Team Member for the NASA Earth Observing System, Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, and he is responsible for the EOS global terrestrial net primary production and evapotranspiration datasets. He has published over 260 scientific articles and two books. Dr. Running has recently served on the standing Committee for Earth Studies of the National Research Council and on the federal Interagency Carbon Cycle Science Committee. He has served as a Co-Chair of the National Center for Atmospheric Research Community Climate System Model Land Working Group, a Member of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program Executive Committee, and the World Climate Research Program, Global Terrestrial Observing System. He currently serves on the advisory NASA Earth Science Subcommittee, and the NOAA Science Advisory Board Climate Working Group. Dr. Running shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 as a chapter Lead Author for the 4th Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Dr. Running is an elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union and is designated a Highly Cited Researcher by the Institute for Scientific Information. In the popular press, his essay in 2007, “The 5 Stages of Climate Grief” has been widely quoted.


Oregon State University Alumni Fellow 2009
E. O. Wilson Biodiversity Technology Pioneer Award 2009
Lead Author, WG II Ch 14 AR4 IPCC, that was awarded Nobel Peace Prize 2007
Univ. Of Montana Presidential Scholar 2008
University of Montana, Lud Browman Award for scientific writing, 2007
Oregon State Univ. College of Forestry, Distinguished Alumni, 2006
Burk-Brandenburg Montana Conservation Award, 2006
ISI Highly Cited Scientist Designation
Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, 2002
University of Montana BN Faculty Achievement Award, 1991
University of Montana, Distinguished Scholar, 1990

Society Affiliations

American Geophysical Union
American Meteorological Society
Ecological Society of America
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Committee Appointments

National Academy of Sciences, NRC Committee on Ecological Impacts of Climate Change, 2008.
NCAR CCSM Land Model Working Group (LMWG) Co-Chair, 2006-2008.
AGU Committee of Fellows 2006-2008.
Dept of Energy, Terrestrial Carbon Science Research Program, Co-Chair, 2005-2006.
National Research Council, NASA Earth Science Decadal Survey, 2005-2006.
NRC Committee on Environmental Satellite Data Utilization 2002-2005.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Chapter Lead Author 2004-2007.
International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Science Executive Committee 2004-2007.
National Research Council: Committee on Earth Studies 2004-2006.
NCAR CCSM Land Model Working Group (LMWG) Co-Chair, 2002-2004.
Interagency Carbon Cycle Science Committee 2002 – 2005.
NAS-NRC Review of NASA Earth Science Enterprise Science Plan for 2000-2010.
NASA - Earth Observing System MODIS Science Team Member, 1989-2007.
NCAR Climate System Model (CSM) Advisory Board, 1996-2000.
NASA Mission to Planet Earth Biennial Review Panel, 1997.
Terrestrial Observation Panel for Climate of the World Meteorological Organization, 1995-2001.
National Academy of Sciences, NRC, Climate Research Committee, 1995-2001.
NRC Panel on Climate Observing System Status, 1998.
NSF - National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, Science Advisor Board, 1994-1997.
NASA Earth Observing System, Land Science Panel, Chair 1994-2000.
World Climate Research Program, International Land Surface Climatology Science Panel, 1994-1996.
World Climate Research Program, Global Terrestrial Observing System Committee, 1994-1995.
International Geosphere-Biosphere Program, Biospheric Aspects of the Hydrologic Cycle, Vice-Chair, 1991-1996.
National Science Foundation, Ecosystem Studies Program panel member 1991-1993.
World Climate Research Program - WCRP/IGBP Land Surface Experiments, 1990-1994.
NASA Earth Science and Applications Advisory Subcommittee, 1990-1993.
NASA Boreal Forest Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (BOREAS) Steering Committee, 1989-1991.
International Geosphere-Biosphere Program - Committee on Global Hydrology, 1988-1990.
NASA - Terrestrial Ecosystems Program Advisory Group, 1988-1990.
NASA - Management Operations Working Group, 1988-1990.
NASA - Interdisciplinary Studies Review Panel, 1986.
NASA ‑ MODIS Instrument Panel, 1984‑1986.
NASA ‑ Global Biology Review Panel, 1983‑1984.
National Academy of Sciences, Space Science Board participant, 1982‑1984.
NASA ‑ Land Related Global Habitability Program Planning, 1982‑1983.

Proposal Reviewer

American Institute of Biological Sciences
California Space Institute
Canada Foundation for Innovation
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Environmental Research Council of the United Kingdom
National Science Foundation
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
U.S. Dept. of Energy
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Geological Survey
U.S.D.A. Cooperative Research Program
Western Regional Center of the National Institute for Global Environmental Change

Journal Referee

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
Agronomy Journal
AI Applications in Natural Resource Management
American Naturalist
Australian Journal of Forest Research
Canadian Journal of Botany
Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing
Climatic Change
Climate Research
Ecological Applications
Forest Science
Global Change Biology
Int'l Journal of Hydrological Processes
Int'l Journal of Remote Sensing
Journal of Applied Meteorology
Journal of Climate
Journal of Environmental Quality
Journal of Geophysical Research
Journal of Hydrology
Journal of Range Management
National Geographic Research and Exploration
Northwest Science
Remote Sensing of Environment
The National Academies
Tree Physiology
USFS Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station
USFS Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station
USFS Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station
Water, Air and Soil Pollution
Water Resources Research

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